Training Bays

The most advanced simulators and equipment available to take your golf game to the next level or simply elevate your indoor sports experience.

Trackman and Swing Catalyst Bay


Used by a large contingent pros and considered by many to be the best tool available, Trackman and Swing Catalyst allow you and the instructor to see your golf swing from the “ground up”.

Trackman & Swing Catalyst Bay
Foresight GCQuad Bay with Lucy Davies

Foresight GCQuad Bay

The Foresight GCQuad is a top of the line launch monitor that tracks data parameters such as clubface direction, launch, angle of attack and club path. It also tracks the exact spot where the ball made contact with the clubface and if the toe or heel of the club dragged into the turf, critical information for diagnosing your swing and dialing it in.

Foresight GQuad Bay

Full Swing Bay with Pro 2 Wide Screen

Practice and play like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day on the same simulator that they use!

Full Swing Bay
Virtual Green Puttview

Virtual Green with Puttview

The first in the world to have the Virtual Green with Puttview available to the public.

Virtual Green