Trackman & Swing Catalyst Bay

Used by a large contingent of professional golfers and instructors and widely recognized as the best ball tracking system available, Trackman and Swing Catalyst allow you and the instructor to see your golf swing from the “ground up”.

Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst Motion Plate

Learning to use the ground will allow the golfer to produce swing speed. Swing speed produces distance.

The Swing Catalyst Motion Plate measures the three ground reaction forces a golfer uses in the ground while swinging, Horizontal, Torque and Vertical. The data is synced up with high-speed cameras while the built in motion plate measures the center of pressure in the feet providing a detailed image of how the golfers foot pressure changes throughout the swing

While distance is important it is not all we look at with the motion plate. We also observe and record the timing within which each force is taking place. This tells us your efficiency throughout the swing allowing the teacher and the student to see what we can’t measure by looking at the video.



Measure your club’s delivery, launch, ball flight and carry.

This information is crucial for understanding all aspects of your swing.  Having this data allows us to fit you for clubs properly as it takes the guess work out of the equation.

You may have seen the little orange box on the driving range at PGA AND LPGA Tour events or in the slow motion ball tracking featured during weekend telecasts of professional golf events.  That is a Trackman, one of the best technologies available for analyzing your golf shot!.